Powershift is an Australian Youth Climate Summit. It is an assembly of young persons to discuss environmental issues, majorly clamouring for renewable energy over fossil fuels. Every July, about two thousand persons who desire to be game-changers of climate and the environment come together in Australia. It is generally open to anyone below the age of 35. Those who want to change the dynamics on climate wish to restructure the energy sphere of Australia from the use of fossil fuel to a form of energy that can be generated from nature and can be replenished, such as water sunlight, wind, biomass etc. At Powershift, we come together to organise various programs like seminars, workshops, masterclasses, Q & A, Panel sessions, and strategic meetings. As a prospective attendee of the Powershift summit, you get to meet people with similar interest as you and exchange ideas with them.

Our Concerns

Our concerns cut across the following areas.

If you are looking to join our summer school this 2021, our training programs online are perfect for you, especially if you all for convenience. The training program is for five weeks. And it opens to anyone within the age range of 12 to 30 who desires a healthy and just future. Our training will be done virtually, and all workshops shall be run via a video conferencing medium called Zoom and Coassemble. We shall make either of the platforms easily accessible to you. All learning resources, including the slides and workshop materials, will also be made available to all participants before each class.

The crisis that has been accompanying climate change is one that has been tagged unfairly. This is because the only innocent people who had nothing to do with causing the crisis get to pay for others' actions. They feel the effect of the crisis way more than people who caused it. Proffering a solution to the problem is way more complicated than it appears. It goes beyond cutting emission, and it extends to a chance for us all to re-evaluate our stance on how the world operates and try as much as we can to restructure it in a way that would accommodate everyone justly.

Our Activities

Our activities cut across the following areas.

The coronavirus pandemic which hit the whole world around March 2020 left everyone trembling and in fear. Queensland in Australia has certainly not been an exemption. This is why thousands of youths in Queensland come together with one voice, with all their family members, organisations, institutions and small communities and calling out for Queensland #RenewableRecovery.

We desire to witness a clean and bright future for our territory by providing clean water and a healthy environment for the present generation and future generations to come. This is yet one of our Campaigns called #STOPADANI. It is aimed at stopping the threat to our land, water and climate in Queensland. The Adani plans to create a massive and harmful coal mine right in Queensland.