Achieving Climate Powershift Through Training

Climate Justice Summer School

If you are looking to join our summer school this 2021, our training programs online are perfect for you, especially if you all for convenience. The training program is for five weeks. And it opens to anyone within the age range of 12 to 30 who desires a healthy and just future.

In the upcoming summer, we are once more reminded of the ticking bomb, which is climate change. It is happening faster and more rapidly than anticipated, and there is no way to avoid it as it is happening worldwide. In case you have been wondering, the hurricanes, windstorms, droughts, heatwave, and so much more that we have been experiencing are not regular.  They are occurring as a result of the climate change crisis.

However, we still have some time to secure our future and prevent loss due to climate. None of us can achieve this individually; it takes a collective effort from you and me.

This is why, in the coming months, we would be organising a summer school program where we would be advocating and entirely focused on climate justice. The plan would contain some workshops and seminars that would be occurring every week. This is to equip you with the necessary skills, exposure and knowledge needed to make a difference and create the change required in our community, especially at a critical time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come along this summer and join us on a worthwhile experience by merely registering for our climate justice summer school program.

During the five weeks, you will be fully engrossed in the weekly class for about 3 hours. During these 3 hours, you will attend the training workshop, and you will also acquire some skills and put them into action.

How Will the Program Run?

  • Our training will be done virtually, and all workshops shall be run via a video conferencing medium called Zoom and Coassemble. We shall make either of the platforms easily accessible to you. All learning resources, including the slides and workshop materials, will also be made available to all participants before each class. If you feel you might encounter some barriers that would impede your online training participation, feel free to get in touch with us. We would be glad to provide you with more resources such as interpreters, more explicit materials, breaks etc. to make the learning process more comfortable.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

  • During the five-week training program, you will learn many lessons and skills to last you for a long time. You know about the power of community building and how to instrument it to fight against climate change and its crisis. You will also find it applicable in other spheres of life.

    Throughout the program, you will also earn more about climate justice and how to change the world with your community right behind you. In no time, you will be able to gain the future you want. You will also get the chance to meet your fellow participants and subsequently expand your network.