Clarion Call for Justice

We desire to witness a clean and bright future for our territory by providing clean water and a healthy environment for the present generation and future generations to come.

This is yet one of our Campaigns called #STOPADANI. It is aimed at stopping the threat to our land, water and climate in Queensland. The Adani plans to create a massive and harmful coal mine right in Queensland.

The digging of a coal mine is essential to extract coals from the ground. The activity is highly valued because coal possesses high energy content that can be used to generate electricity widely. Coal mining has a long history of having a negative environmental impact on the health ecosystem and the local communities.

Coal mining is mainly responsible for low air quality, the decline in natural resources and climate change and climate crisis etc. This is why there is always strong opposition to any coal mining-related activities, especially in local communities who seem to bear this exercise’s brunt.

Right now, Adani is planning to dig a coal mine in Queensland. Queenslanders understand the gravity of this project and the disastro6impacts it can have on our community. This is why we must come together with one voice and look for ways to stop the project. Together, we say no and pledge to #STOPADANI.

There are currently plans to destroy our reef and climate with their coal mine, and the worst part is the ADANI has the support of both the Australian government and the Queensland government. Both governments have affirmed their support to the course of the dangerous Carmichael coal mine. They have decided to throw out the future and our community away to an Indian coal mining magnate.

The giant coal mine they are planning to build promises to be the biggest of its kind throughout the earth’s southern part. With this vastness, the carbon that will be polluting the atmosphere would be at least four times the original amount. This is not a mere environmental inconvenience; it is a climate catastrophe.

However, with enough collaboration and collective effort, we can put a stop to this dangerous project.  This is a wake-up call to everyone to rally around and build a strong enough movement to stop the project.

The change we are clamouring for being with you and me. It is left to us to protect our environment and be the voice of change and the reason we want. Together, let us build #STOPADANI.