Queensland #Renewable Recovery Open Letter

The coronavirus pandemic which hit the whole world around March 2020 left everyone trembling and in fear.  The process of staying safe and free from exposure has been one of the toughest challenges people worldwide had to get used to. Queensland in Australia has certainly not been an exemption. The past months have been too trying for us Queenslanders. Our strength always lies in togetherness. And also, our ability to stand together and stand tall in the face of adversities and push back with all our might.

This is why thousands of youths in Queensland come together with one voice, with all their family members, organisations, institutions and small communities and calling out for Queensland #RenewableRecovery.

We are aware that the virus has caused so many crises in various sectors of the economy, and as a response to the problem, we are coming together in our strength and with one voice to table our requests before the Queensland government, and we ask that they deliver the following.

With the persistent and rapid spread of the coronavirus, it is compulsory for everyone always to be alert and cautious of their actions. They must also make sure they are not causing the endangerment of lives through their actions or inactions. We can only guarantee control of the pandemic if we all follow the health guidelines and safety measures. And if these measures are not effectively followed, it could pose a threat to youths’ lives at the summit. Therefore, it is important that as an attendee, you should be adequately prepared and protected in the event of a possible spread. At Powershift, we understand all these. This is why we have made available all this information for your consumption and enlightenment.

Creation of Jobs and Better Living Condition

  • We ask that the government create new jobs for thousands of her Citizens. Not just any job but with jobs with high-income level and fair working conditions. In particular, the government should focus on constructing public projects and handling renewable energy projects on a large scale. The crisis has affected many homes; hence, the creation of these jobs would be a way to better the living condition of these people.

Provision of Affordable and Clean Energy for All Queenslanders

  • This can be made possible by granting ownership of renewable energy assets to the public and limiting the right to a few private institutions.

Take Proactive Steps to Combat Climate Change and Climate Crises

  • We request that the Queensland government take action on climate change majorly by providing power to our houses and our community in general. By also powering our economy, other establishments of renewable assets that are publicly owned. This way, we can have access to clean energy and even provide the same for the rest of the country.

    We know what it takes to have the future we want to create; we also know what is at stake if our requests are not granted. Queenslanders realise it’s not easy, this is why we are ready to give our all to the course.

    What we need are sustainable solutions that would not only last for a long time but will also help to create the right answers to deliver jobs we are proud about as well as actions on the climate crises.

    As a sunshine state in Australia, we believe we should be the foremost state leading in areas of clean energy. With our collective efforts, we will make our communities a better place with our clean energy in the form of affordable wind and sun. And also, by retaining ownership in the hands of Queenslanders.

    I strongly support the course and approve my signature to the Queensland #RenewableRecovery.