Origin Open Letter


An Open Letter to Origin Energy

Dear Origin Energy,

We request that you put an end to your clean-energy threatening plans. Stop choosing dirty gas over the future. Invest your resources in solutions with clean energy and walk away from your dirty gas. Together we must put a stop gas fracking.

Gas fracking is the process of refining petroleum. It occurs mainly by drilling a water picture at a high level deep into the earth to let out the inside’s gas. Elements such as water, sand and chemicals are injected at high pressure into the rock, and then the stone, in turn, releases gas to flow to the top of the well.

The process can be done either vertically or horizontally digging into the rock layer, thus creating a new path for gas to be released. Fracking as a term simply explains rock fracture with the use of mixture subjected to high pressure.




Gas fracking makes it easy and accessible to reach oil resources that would otherwise prove challenging to access, thus increasing the production of oil and boosting the country’s economy.

However, its benefits are far outweighed by its negative impacts the use of fracking for oil production has stirred up numerous environmental concerns. It expends a large amount of water; it also causes earth tremor, pollution due to improper techniques and practices.

The use of fracking is also making prospective investors shift focus. These investors that are energy firms are being distracted from investing in renewable sources of energy, and they are being encouraged to rely on fossil fuels continually.

Together as a community, we say, stop gas fracking. It has numerous adverse effects that would be a threat to our local communities’ future if it is not blocked. For instance, the dirty gas fracking plans would release carbon comb so much that it would be unaffordable for our climate and our local communities.

As Australia’s government develops its response to the unenvisaged impacts of the coronavirus, our health and economy are in peril. We, therefore, plead with the government to support us in our fight against gas fracking. We are representatives of a leading organisation and associations focused on supplying energy in a clean state that would also ensure low carbon is let out into the environment.

Therefore, we demand restructuring and management of the energy space in a way that it would not endanger our local community.

What Is the Action Plan?

  • The retail arm of Origin is a significant and massive segment of their business. This implies they are deeply concerned as to what their customers or prospective customers think.

    If we can get their customers and prospective customers to see what they intend to do to local communities, perhaps we can get them to demand that Origin should put a stop to their gas fracking plans. This way, we would be telling Origin to put our future first.