COVID-19 & Powershift

Sometime in December 2019, news of a threatening virus in Wuhan, China emerged. This virus spread fast across the globe leading the World Health Organisation to declare the virus a global pandemic in March 2020. While this crisis is first and foremost a public health issue that has claimed lots of lives, it has had a ripple effect on other sectors and institutions in society.
The sudden increase in the number of the coronavirus pandemic, also commonly referred to as COVID-19, has resulted in many adverse effects on Australia. It has also put a strain on most activities that entail the physical gathering of persons.
The highly infectious and deadly virus has spurred many organisations, institutions, and associations in Australia to seek solutions and take steps to reduce the spread of the virus, if not eradicating it, to ensure the protection of lives.
Powershift being an Australian Youth Climate Summit that brings together over 2,000 environmental enthusiasts together has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 as there has been a restriction on gathering people in large numbers to prevent the risk of exposure to the virus.
Consequently, we have put together some health guidelines, safety precautions and health instructions to protect Australian citizens and everyone that would be coming for the summit. These safety measures are to be adhered to strictly at all times. We fully support and are willing to collaborate with other institutions to ensure the safety measures are well-grounded and adhered to, to protect everyone concerned.

With the persistent and rapid spread of the coronavirus, it is compulsory for everyone always to be alert and cautious of their actions. They must also make sure they are not causing the endangerment of lives through their actions or inactions. We can only guarantee control of the pandemic if we all follow the health guidelines and safety measures. And if these measures are not effectively followed, it could pose a threat to youths’ lives at the summit. Therefore, it is important that as an attendee, you should be adequately prepared and protected in the event of a possible spread. At Powershift, we understand all these. This is why we have made available all this information for your consumption and enlightenment.

What Are the Ways the Virus Can Spread?

  • During the summit, the virus is spread via one-on-one contact with an infected person
  • People can also spread it by coming in contact with infected surfaces, e.g., faucets, switch handles, surface tops etc.
  • Also, liquid gotten from an infected person, e.g., kissing, sneezes, coughs etc. can also increase the likelihood of getting the virus.

As an attendee at the Powershift summit, make sure you know these to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

What Are the Safety Tips We Can Follow to Stop the Spread?

  • At Powershift, we have curated some tips to be followed to contain the spread of the virus. People when in public spaces or amidst a gathering of persons are expected to adhere to the following rules:

    • You must continuously wash your hands with a proper hand wash. If you do not have access to a hand wash, sanitise your hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser.
    • Avoid physical touches as much as possible.
    • Always use your face masks.
    • Practice social distancing

    If there has been a risk of exposure to the virus, then the safety guidelines would be much more thorough. All attendees who have come in contact with the infected person begin self-isolation immediately.