Learn About Us

Powershift is an Australian Youth Climate Summit. It is an assembly of young persons to discuss environmental issues, majorly clamouring for renewable energy over fossil fuels. Every July, about two thousand persons who desire to be game-changers of climate and the environment come together in Australia. It is generally open to anyone below the age of 35. Those who want to change the dynamics on climate wish to restructure the energy sphere of Australia from the use of fossil fuel to a form of energy that can be generated from nature and can be replenished, such as water sunlight, wind, biomass etc.


  • Climate change issues are a complex global problem. These past few years have been awakening for people all over the world. The world is starting to see climate as an issue that needs to address urgently. This is why solutions have to come from all sectors, including young persons.

    As the earth rapidly experiences some of the grievous impacts of climate such as a hurricane, heat waves, crop failures, windstorms, etc. One practical and undebatable solution is that there ought to be a fast change from fossil fuels to a better form of energy, one that has no disastrous impact on the environment.

    Powershift aims to bring together all energy and environmental enthusiasts and world-leading professionals who are genuinely passionate about making a difference and creating a change.

    It’s not just a gathering of people for the sake of organising an event. It’s a worldwide changing occurrence of people who desire to change the world one step at a time. Officially, it launched in 2007 with about six thousand attendees at the summit held in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, it has had conferences in various locations worldwide such as Sweden, Ukraine, Belgium, etc.

What Do We Do?

  • At Powershift, we come together to organise various programs like seminars, workshops, masterclasses, Q& A, Panel sessions, and strategic meetings.

    As a prospective attendee of the Powershift summit, you get to meet people with similar interest as you and exchange ideas with them. You would also be opportune to partake in all the excellent programs we have lined up to spur you and inspire you to take action on climate issues. You would also be divided into smaller groups for further discussions and networking.

    You will be available to network with your peers, find similar interests and plan extensively on your strategy to take on climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible to Attend the Event?

  • The summit is open to anyone below age 35 and above eight years of age who has a vested interest in climate change. If you are below 18 and would like to attend, your parents or guardian will be required to fill a parental consent form.

Will There Be Some Form of Financial Aid for Attendees?

  • If the expenses were a bit much for you to handle, we would be happy to render some financial support attendees.  Simply apply for financial help and follow the necessary steps.